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Friday, 24 September 2010

Violence classification including robbery mapped

This my classification of violence at Ward level from police incident data in 2009. I have now included robbery data. Even though some incidents have codes that mean they could be counted twice in this classification I have decided to avoid this by using the following hierarchy.
  • 1 and 29 - domestic violence all
  • 1 but not 29 violence but not domestic violence
  • 5 but not 1 and 29 robbery but not violence or domestic violence
The last two could possibly be changed so that robberies with the code 1 could be counted but it does not make a lot of difference as these are about 400 out of  over 36,000 incidents (the combination of 5 and 29 is less than 100). My thinking that putting 5 and 1 together is tautology unless the incident had an additional violent element. This brings me onto an additional important point, we are not dealing with seriousness here we measuring numbers; a murder incident has the weight as a common assault.

The above is the table I based my classification on. I think this will be my last violence classification, for now.

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