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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Google Earth London robbery map

The information you get on this is my research literally as I am doing it so there is a quite a bit of experimental stuff.  This is another example.

This is my latest development and an idea that I have not seen on web before and certainly not in the crime mapping environment. Instead of providing an interactive map I am going to provide a .kmz file which you can load into Google Earth and zoom in, zoom out, add your own features to etc.

You can get the file here at my new website -

The top picture should be what you get when you load up the file. The legend for the colours can be found here in a recent post. You can zoom in and click on the wards to discover the numbers of robbery incidents that occurred in 2009. There are other numbers shown that you will understand if you have been reading my posts.

If you turn off the robbery layer by removing the tick you can see the layer of dots underneath. These are the CAD  250 metre by 250 metre grid squares (see previous posts , search on "square" or CAD in the search bar above). I have created a layer by doing a spatial join in ArcMap and counting the number of incidents in each grid square. The resulting layer creates a .kml file that is too large to display in Google Maps so I have only provided those grids squares with 26 or more robbery incidents or an average of one every two weeks or more. This gives a simpler and more focused display in my view. Yellow are the lower numbers, blue the higher and red in between. You can click on them to find the actually number which are shown next to  "count". 

By moving the transparency bar it is possible to see the layers together to find the robbery hotspot within the Wards. Then you can zoom in and see the area in which these robberies occur.

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