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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Temporal Profiles of Violence in the top Ten Wards in London

These are again the top 10 violence wards in London in 2009 that I mapped in the previous post. This post shows the temporal profile of the occurance of these incidents. To me there are two distinct groups with one or two being in both groups. See if you agree with me.

Group 1 are those where most incidents happen in the early hours of the morning at weekends - Marylebone, St James, Fairfield and Romford Town. These are dominated by town centre entertainment venues. The other group is the rest, with Coldhabour being probably the best example, here the violence is spread more evenly over the week, so I suspect less dependent on pubs and clubs. Stratford and New Town and Shepherd's Bush show combination of both. It must remember that wards are relatively large units which can contain diversity of all types. Smaller geographical units of analysis may help with this.

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