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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Geopolisographics - an explanation

In the last post I invented the word "geopolisographics" whether it will stick remains to be seen. It attempts to mimic the ancient Greek etymology of "geodemographics" which if broken down has the following meaning - "geo" meaning earth or world literally but is used to mean location, place, space; "demo" people; and "graphic" description. As the data I am using do not describe people directly such as age, gender, income, interests; but instead describes demands on police and police activity that is related to place and time I feel that replacing demo with poliso still makes the word pronounceable and better describes what I am doing. (My data of course indirectly describes people.) "Poliso" is derived from the ancient Greek word "polis" meaning city and "polissoos" meaning guardian of the city.

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