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Monday, 13 September 2010

Resilience Index and the Index of Multiple Deprivation

In this post I am in danger of giving you more information that you will ever want or need about the Resilience Index (RI) and the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) but here goes. The post is prompted by Matt Ashby's comment on the previous posting about the RI. My reply is relevant this post.

First a little table that shows the correlation between three indices, the RI, the IMD 2007 rank summary of Local Authorities (which can be downloaded here) and the rank index of IMD which is used as a data element within the RI - RIIMD. I have correlated all Local Authorities in England and London Local Authorities, called boroughs separately.

The first row shows a far higher internal correlation with the RI for England than for just London. The second row shows there is virtually no correlation between the RI and 2007 IMD for England but a negative (in practical terms positive as the indices are orientated inversely) correlation for London. The third column shows that the two ways in which the IMD has been interpreted at LA/borough level has no correlation for England but a strong correlation for London. What this shows is London is not typical of the rest of England.

The next table shows the rankings for London. The equivalent table for England is too large to include.

The Charts below show the above information in scatter graph regression charts.

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