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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Index of Resilence

The picture above which looks like slate flooring is in fact a map of London Boroughs. It comes from an interesting new index commissioned by the BBC and complied by Experian which can be found in it interactive state with background documentation and spreadsheet here. The index ranks the 324 boroughs in England by how resilient they appear to be to Government spending cuts; 1 being the most resilient and 324 the least. It appears to me a wealth index in the broadest sense, that is, not just money. It is a sort of index of multiple non-deprivation. It is of interest to me because it is at borough level, an important operational level of policing and it allows me to compare my borough rankings of policing data with an index that broadly indicates underlying social issues that may affect the nature of the crime and incident demand on police. Unfortunately the multiple index does include some crime elements so it is not totally independent from my data.


  1. Taking your point about this being in effect an index of multiple non-deprivation, I quickly correlated the Experian rankings against the local authority summaries from the 2004 Indices of Multiple Deprivation. The correlation (Pearson's) was -0.40 (minus because the two variables are ranked in opposite order). I mention this just in case anyone else was going to try the same thing. Obviously you could do a much more rigorous analysis and I haven't read the Experian report in detail.

  2. Matt thanks for your comment. The interest is that the Resilience Index uses mostly different data to the IMD. The IMD is calculated at Lower Super Output Area (LSOA)Level so any ranking at borough level is likely to be an approximation. In fact the resilience index includes the IMD as one of its data sources. They have use the following approximation to rank IMDs.

    "Our measure looks at the proportion of LSOAs in any local authority that are classed as in the top 10% most deprived LSOAs in the county. This essentially means we are looking at deprivation without the figures being skewed by the size of an area."

    I will work out the correlation between the Resilience Index ranking an the internal IMD ranking.