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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wonderful Maps

My background is policing and information systems. So the mapping side of things is new to me so I am making new discoveries every day. My colleague, Dan directed me to an impressive Google Map mash-up of shipping round the world in his blog. As he has been kind enough to show an interest in my meanderings I thought I would investigate a crime angle on shipping and came up with the obvious of the Somali pirates. This led me to a United Nations website of wonderful traditional pre-google mash-up type maps. There is a whole series of maps on the Somali pirate problem and how it has evolved, expanded and been displaced over the years. All the maps are good but I think this one is a masterpiece. There is even a spatial analysis document. If only the UN could be as good at enforcement as they are at mapping.................

I decided not to investigate Dan's other link further.

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