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Sunday, 20 December 2009

An introduction to Geodemographics and a little bit more

The word geodemographics is a real word that is not recognised by spell checkers so I think it requires some explanation. Demographics on the other hand sails through with no problem. Demographic data are of course details or characteristics of human population. The "geo" in front adds location to the demographic data to create the simple definition that geodemographics is the analysis of people by where they live. Commercial companies use it to sell their products. For instance, if you are selling lawn mowers that you can sit on and drive whilst mowing the lawn it is useful to know where the people who are likely to have large lawns live. Equally if you sell coffee you want to place your outlets where people want and can afford your coffee. A tip if you are thinking of opening up a a coffee shop (or any other type business) open it it next to a like business that is doing well, that's where your customers will be, not where there is no competition.

With the magic of a google map search you can find the locations of various chains of outlets. I have tried Starbucks, Nero Coffee, Lidl, Waitrose, Pound Shops, Loch Fynn, Carluccios, Pizza Express and even Polish Shops to discover the offices in London and the richer and poorer areas of London based on the cliental these companies are trying to appeal to. Now I need to find proxy identicators of variations crime and disorder.

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