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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Kevin Hurley Crime Commissioner for Surrey

Congratulations to Kevin Hurley, he is the new Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Surrey. Our paths have crossed a few times when we both were in the Metropolitan Police Service. He is a thoroughly decent chap from a family full with police officers. Even though he is an independent whose attraction is that he is not a politician he knew that "zero tolerance" is a term that Surrey residents like and put it as his title on the ballot sheet, a very savvy bit of electioneering.
I am a Surrey resident and I would have voted for him if I knew he was standing, but I do not agree with PCCs so a no vote was the best I could do to convey this. I am glad to note though that Kevin stood to keep politics out of policing, something which of course is impossible when politicians are judged on law and order as much as any other issue when national parlaimentary elections come round. At least in Surrey we can be confident that the police will not have to jump through hoops and dance to the tune of a political motivated PCC.

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