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Thursday, 4 October 2012

80/20 crime (again)

Usually when the 80/20 figure for crime is quoted it refers 80% of crime is committed by 20% of people (which incidently is wildly inaccurate for most types of crime - more like 99.9% of crime committed by 0.01% of people). But there is a new use.

The above is a quote from the newly published report by the HMIC entitled "Taking time for crime". It publication date of 27th September 2012 missed my thesis submission date by a couple of weeks so I could not include it. It would have been nice to do so because it supports one of the thesis' central arguments. That is that measuring police performance using crime data (where I assume the 20% comes from) gives only a partial view. The more complete view is obtained from the police incident data set where I know from the report that 80% comes from.

The report can be found here. The is a very important report because it is attempting get police forces to change focus yet again. I will comment further in future post.

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