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Monday, 4 January 2010

Are the locations where victims of street robberies live random?

Returning to the analysis of street robberies in a London borough. I have established that street robberies occurred more in certain locations and times than others; that certain people are more likely to be victims and/or offenders than others. Even that times and locations and types of victims are linked. I have also shown that even though these elements of the crime commission process are non random the actual occurrence of crime at a specific location within a broad time frame (that eliminates to a large extent cyclic processes) is random.

Today I am going to show you some unsophisticated analysis of where the victims of street robberies live in relationship to where the crimes occur. The first thing to say is that about a third of all victims live outside the borough. The two thirds that live in the borough homes have been plotted again within the 250m by 250m grid squares. The results are shown above. Unsurprisingly there appears not to be the same degree of clustering as there is with the locations of where the crimes occur. Whether this is a random distribution if population density is taken into account is an interesting question.

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