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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Geography, Theresa May and Confidence

I have suddenly got more confidence in our Home Secretary Theresa May because I have discovered that she has a BA in Geography! A few other interesting facts that make me feel that I know her better if wikipedia is to be believed;
  • her father was a Church of England Minister presumably of a high church persuasion given her first name and the fact that her early education was at a Convent School,
  • her maiden name was Brasier, no doubt not pronounced as it reads, but not the easiest of names to live with,
  • her constituency is Maidenhead which means that she is likely to be close enough to the Cameron's Oxfordshire cabal (who apparantly run the country) to be a part of the incrowd at the weekends.
The latest recorded crime statistcs for England and Wales have been released accompanied by an announcement from Theresa May. The announcement is actually more interesting than the statistics. I can do no better than quoting from the BBC website
Home Secretary Theresa May said that officials were now launching a review of how crime figures are collected and published in an attempt to improve public confidence.

The review would look at ways of cutting costs while making the figures more coherent.

"Any reductions in crime are welcome, however levels are still too high and we know these statistics only offer a partial picture about the level of crime," Mrs May said.

"More needs to be done to bring crime down and we need to take bold action to restore public trust in crime statistics.

"That is why I have asked the National Statistician to lead a review and why we are moving the publication of crime statistics out of the Home Office to an independent body.
"Improving public trust and confidence in crime statistics is crucial if we bare to improve transparency and empower local communities to hold authorities to account."
The review should, and I think will, include crime maps for the public. I think I should, and I think I will try to get involved...............

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