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Friday, 3 December 2010

Overlapping Crime Domains

This is my latest Venn diagram trying to explain Crime: how it is measured/recorded and how it is perceived. I think it is reasonably self-explanatory. The interesting bits are the overlaps of the various domains. I am approaching this diagram from three different angles;
  • Shedding more light on the "dark figure" a talk I am giving to the Crime Survey Users Group on Tuesday 7th December.
  • Explaining the utility of police incident data in augmenting the other crime measures (BCS and police recorded crime) particularly regarding violent crime for a paper that I am writing, and
  • My ongoing interest in describing the fear of crime.


  1. Paul, how can I send you an email? I'd like to discuss your Venn diagrams, which I find quite intriquing.

  2. Orison you can contact me on